Do I Need to Become a Real Estate Agent to Invest?

At TABS, we meet many new investors who frequently have questions about how to get started in real estate investing. A frequent question we receive is “Should I become a Real Estate Agent?”

Our Answer….it depends (I bet you didn’t see that coming)

Here are some pros

  • automatic access to MLS

  • access to view properties without scheduling with a real estate agent

  • saving on paying commissions to a real estate agent

With that, there are some cons

  • In Colorado, you are required to “hang” your license under someone for a period of 2 years. That company will likely have requirements that they be paid sometimes a monthly fee in addition to a cut of all sales. They will probably also have sales requirements.

  • You’re new. So you would be learning two new trades rather than relying on the expertise of an experienced real estate agent. An experienced agent can help you navigate a decent deal, can offer up suggestions on what repairs buyers are looking for, can appropriately help price a home. They also have contract and negotiating experience that could be of help.

  • There is more potential for liability with a license. A license requires insurance, which can create a target if someone is looking to sue

We hope this helps you make your decision.