Colorado’s Hard Money Lender

TABS, LLC is a family owned and operated hard money lender in Colorado. We are a private lender that provides loan programs for both residential (non-owner occupied) and commercial properties in Colorado.

If you are not familiar with hard money lenders or private lenders in Colorado, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

TABS, LLC is also a private lender and investor in real estate development opportunities throughout Colorado. If you are a builder looking for capital to get your project off the ground, please give us a call. We can offer debt or equity partnerships.

We also maintain a BBB A+ rating. See our ratings and reviews.

TABS loans are originated and serviced by TABS Lending, LLC, a Licensed Mortgage Company in the State of Colorado: Colorado License #100052579, NMLS ID 1210695. Loan products are not available outside of the State of Colorado.