TABS - The Basics

TABS, LLC - Hard Money Lender Colorado

Video Transcript:
Hi! I'm Alex Thomas with TABS. We are a Colorado Hard Money Lender. When you first get started in Real Estate Investing, you might not be familiar with our type of business. Did you know that you can get a mortgage loan from someone other than a bank? We are asset based lenders, meaning most of our underwriting criteria is determined by the project rather than the borrower. Our loans are typically easier to qualify for than a bank with a faster close. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We currently lend on non-owner occupied residential, single family, multi-family, commercial, vacant land and new construction. You name it and we'll take a look at it. Our clients use us for funding new construction, fix and flip projects and buy and hold investments. Our funds can be used for acquiring the property as well as rehabbing or construction. We can tell you more in future videos. Or feel free to check our website or reach out to us!