structural issues in colorado

Colorado is known for its "special" soils. If you are coming from out of state, you might not be as familiar with swelling soils. This is something that is very heavily disclosed in new construction from home builders, but not as common in resales. I've included a link here to the Colorado Geological Video regarding Swelling Soils:

An educational video about hazardous soils in Colorado; includes collapsible or compressible soils and swelling or expansible soils. This geologic hazard causes more damage in Colorado than any other. Covers types of damage, prevention, mitigation, safety hazards, economic losses. Produced by the Colorado Geological Survey -

This is something to be aware of when purchasing real estate in Colorado. There is a chance that in the lifetime of the home you are purchasing, it may have shifted, may have some sort of compromised foundation. This is fixable, but will be more expensive and generally scare off a new investor. Experienced investors who dabble in homes with foundations know that there is a high risk but potential high reward when fixing and flipping these properties. Some institutional lenders or even hard money lenders in Colorado may shy away from homes with structural issues. Here are some things you need to keep in mind: you will need a qualified structural engineer, a qualified structural contractor, you will need to disclose these issues to potential buyers and you will likely need to come in under market for it to sell. But this also means that you should be able to purchase these homes at a very steep discount if there is existing structural problems that the owners are not willing or able to fix. Proceed with caution and get your ducks in a row. As always, let us know how we can help. We are a Colorado Hard Money / Private Money Lender with tons of experience!