How to Make Your Curb Appeal!

Tips & Tricks

  • Curb Appeal begins online: Most buyers in today's market look at homes online before ever speaking with a Real Estate Agent. Have professional photos taken that show the exterior of your property.
  • Walk a Mile in the Buyer's Shoes: walk around the property and pretend you are purchasing it. What would you like fixed if you were buying this home? If you need a second opinion - get one, the more critical the better. You don't have to fix everything, but it is important to see what the buyer sees.
  • How's the Roof?: Not only will most buyers be concerned about a roof, all inspectors they hire will be. Make sure you know if something needs to be done. Better to fix it before getting to the negotiation.
  • House Numbers: Can a buyer find the house? If not, that needs to be corrected. With modern fonts, you can really dress up the exterior as well.
  • Cleanliness is Next to Holiness: Rent a pressure washer and make sure the exterior is clean.
  • Color: Either place or ask your Real Estate Agent to think about placing some colorful plants near the entrance.
  • Freshen the Paint: If there is room in the budget, repainting the exterior of the home could add $10k+ to your offer says some Real Estate Agents
  • Mow the Lawn: I know that it isn't a big ticket item that buyers get excited about like kitchens and bathrooms, but don't turn a buyer off before they get inside. Make sure the yard looks presentable.

Hope these tips lead you to quick closings!