Title Issues

Title Issues crop up on many investment properties due to the distressed nature of the seller in most investment property purchases. It is important to know your risks and how to address these. TABS, LLC has come into contact with all of these scenarios on one project or another and hope to help you. Here are some examples of title issues that have required correcting in the past:

  • errors in public records
  • liens
  • illegal deeds
  • forgeries
  • undiscovered encumbrances
  • unknown easements
  • boundary / survey disputes
  • unpaid property taxes
  • judgements

tip: title objection dates should be a part of your offer should you need to get out of a contract and save your earnest money. 


When working with title companies, TABS, LLC requires certain policies, exception deletions and endorsements for your protection. Use our experience to guard your investment!