As a house flipper who’s wise about how you choose to spend your hard money loan, it is beyond important to keep costs low. One way of doing that is to perform some work yourself. If you happen to have a career in construction, this is a no-brainer. But for many flippers, this might be your first experience building something yourself. Working for you is the ability to access tutorials online or in person. YouTube has endless DIY videos for just about any piece of the rehab project and Home Depot offers free classes if you found a topic of interest to you. Always consider if your work will not be up to the quality necessary for the home to fetch top dollar — and if it will pass inspection, when necessary. Some ideas for just getting started are below, but as you educate yourself more, the options are endless to how you can save yourself money.

  • demolition
  • light landscaping, tree trimming, lawn maintenance, clean up
  • some painting
  • install hardware on cabinets
  • install doors
  • hang mirrors
  • install towel bars
  • post-construction clean up
  • light staging

Materials and labor costs can be major factors in the profits for every fix and flip, but another key component is your hard money loan. Contact Colorado’s hard money lenders, TABS, LLC. to learn more about how our investment property loans can help you save with your next project.