Our vacant land loans are for builders or real estate investors wanting to purchase vacant land but do not have the capital to do so outright.

TABS can lend the funds needed to purchase land so that you can pre-sell the lot, or if you need to purchase the lot right away and refinance through a traditional lender, we are here to help! We offer land loans that are short-term interest only.

Vacant land loans are typically harder to acquire in traditional methods because there is nothing on the land that can secure the loan for the lender. Institutional lending typically requires a higher down payment for a land loan than for a property that already has a home on it. Vacant land is a higher risk to most, which is why a hard money loan can be a great option for a builder or investor who needs upfront capital.

TABS offers land loans only in the state of Colorado. We operate mostly in the Denver Metro area but are licensed throughout the entire state. So if you’re dreaming of a perfect mountain home and want to get snag the ideal property before someone else, a short-term land loan may be the right choice for you.

Land comes in all shapes and sizes and for a variety of purposes. When considering buying a vacant lot, some things that can help increase your chances of securing a good loan are good access, established utilities, and proper zoning for your intended use. However, it’s not necessary to have these items perfectly checked off the list in order to get a hard money loan from TABS.

Whether you dream of building a home for a future owner, are an active middleman working as a real estate investor, or are interested in building the home yourself, TABS can help you acquire the funding necessary to make the first step: purchase the land.

The TABS Land Loan Process

Interested investors begin the loan process with TABS by telling us about the project. It’s a quick online form that you submit for review. We initially want to hear some of the general details, such as the purchase price, rehab cost, loan amount needed, and your investment strategy. This is a no-hassle, no-obligation form that acts as a first step in our professional relationship.

Upon reviewing those details, TABS will be in touch about a full loan application if the project seems mutually positive for both parties. This full application is lengthier and allows TABS to get to know the fine details of the project. It requires a $100 non-refundable fee to process the application. We will get back to you within 24 hours with a decision to move forward or not with the loan.

The fun really begins when an investor passes the full application review. We’ll spend some time finalizing the terms of the loan agreement so TABS can provide accurate funding documents. Then, the closing documents will be signed, assuming there is a clean title and no other hiccups. After closing, the interested investor takes the deed of the property!

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