Our bridge loan program is for real estate investors who want to purchase a property that needs little to no repair. This short term loan is perfect for real estate investors who want to purchase a property and find an end buyer or need more time to qualify for institutional lending.

Essentially, a bridge loan closes the gap between where you are today as a real estate investor and where you’d like to be in, say, one year. Think you may be in need of a short term bridge loan? TABS, LLC provides hard money loans throughout Colorado for the following reasons.

Reasons To Get A Short Term Bridge Loan

Fix And Flip (with just a little fix)

A traditional fix and flip loan is known as a renovation loan because it provides enough capital to purchase the property and to do construction to totally flip the home. A bridge loan may suffice for an investment property that is in pretty good condition and doesn’t need a lot of construction.

Looking For An End Buyer

Say you found the perfect investment property and you know you can increase your capital on it by finding the exact right end buyer. A bridge loan can help you purchase this property right away, at what is assumably a price too good to be true. Then, you can flip it back on the market to find the perfect end buyer who will call this place their forever home.

Need More Time For Traditional Lending

You may also be in the market to purchase real estate through traditional, institutional financing. However, this Colorado real estate market is nothing less than hot, which makes it difficult to spend extra time qualifying through traditional lenders. A bridge loan can be the short term loan you need to snag that perfect house and cover your bases while the institution works out a long term loan.

The TABS Bridge Loan Process

Altogether, TABS is a hard money lender who specializes in bridge loans in Colorado. You can start the loan application process by telling us about your project. After this initial application, we’ll confirm whether or not we think it’ll be a good match for both parties. Assuming it is a good match, the interested investor will submit the complete loan application — along with a $100 non-refundable application fee — for TABS to process in whole. Finally, the interested investor will provide specific documents about the property, TABS will review and ideally provide the funding documents so that the investor may proceed to get the property deed.

Tell Us About Your Project To Get Started