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Hard Money Loan Programs

Our goal is to help real estate investors be able to purchase properties in Colorado that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to qualify for through typical financial institutions. We provide the opportunity to purchase and rehab properties or buy and hold properties. We specialize in hard money mortgages, short term interest only loans, and much more.

The advantage of utilizing TABS, LLC for hard money loans in Colorado is that we care about the success of your real estate project and we can close your real estate transaction in as little as 24 hours of clean title. Hard money lending offers a short-term solution to reach your goal!

*Property Must Be Located In Colorado

Fix and Flip

Short Term Interest Only

Our renovation loan program in Colorado is for real estate investors to purchase and rehab a distressed property; this is also known as a flix and flip loan. We not only offer the loan to purchase the property but we also offer the construction loan to help you rehab the property with little money down. Contact us today to see how you can qualify for a renovation loan (or a fix and flip loan) in Colorado. Learn more.

Bridge Loans

Short Term Interest Only

Our bridge loan program is for real estate investors who want to purchase a property that needs little to no repair. This short term loan is perfect for real estate investors who want to purchase a property and find an end buyer or need more time to qualify for institutional lending. Learn more.

Vacant Land Loans

Short Term Interest Only

Our vacant land loans are for builders or real estate investors wanting to purchase vacant land but do not have the capital to do so. TABS can lend you the funds in order to purchase land so that you can pre-sell the lot, or if you need to purchase the lot right away and refinance through a traditional lender, we are here to help! Learn more.

New Construction

Long or Short Term

Are you a builder or developer who needs financing to get your project off the ground? Give us a call about debt or equity partnerships. Every project is different – we want to hear about yours!

Buy and Hold Loans

Long or Short Term

Are you a real estate investor looking for properties to rent, but can’t qualify through a traditional financial institution? We can offer a short term solution to help you purchase rental properties while you build up your credit. Contact us today to find out how you can qualify for buy and hold properties!