As a real estate investor, you probably come across potential investment properties that need little-to-no work to flip. Maybe you have the perfect investment property already, but you need a little bit more time to find the perfect buyer. What if you found a great investment property, but can’t secure it because traditional financing takes too long? At TABS, we’re the hard money lenders in Colorado committed to getting you the best hard money loans you need to secure investments and make a bigger profit. You can submit an initial application now if you’re ready to start the loan process, or you can continue reading to learn the benefits of bridge loans.

The five benefits of bridge loans

Take advantage of more investment opportunities

Instead of waiting around for traditional financing, get your money in the market with a hard money loan. The process to secure capital is quicker, and it offers you more flexibility with payment schedules, interest rates, and fluidity.

Give yourself more time to sell

In some cases, you need more time to sell the property. It’s common for investors to hold properties longer by using hard money loans to bridge the gap between needing to sell now and the actual sale date a few months later.

Buyout investment partners

As much as we hate to say it, interests change. Sometimes partners want to change direction or no longer be responsible for investment properties. A bridge loan allows you to buy out your investment partner and keep moving forward.

Flexible payment schedules

Before you secure a hard money loan, you may have the ability to discuss payment plans and terms to fit your investment needs. Bridge loans are short-term and typically require payback within a year; however, you do have the opportunity to get drastically better terms than you would with traditional financing.

Lenders create the terms on bridge loans

Unlike traditional financing, bridge loans are virtually customizable. The lenders loan you money based on their own judgement and if it makes sense. You’re able, as mentioned above, to work out payment terms and define loan terms on a case-by-case basis.

Why choose a bridge loan over traditional financing?

There are a few benefits to bridge loans compared to traditional financing. The biggest advantage is the speed at which you can secure capital through a hard money lender in Colorado. Traditional financing tends to be slow and rigid with lending and terms. Hard money lenders tend to be flexible with payment schedules, terms, and interest rates.

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