Did you find an investment property you want to fix-and-flip? Have you tried securing a traditional loan yet? At TABS, we understand if you’re sick and tired of waiting to secure capital through the traditional loan process. Home renovation investors need near fluid capital to quickly purchase, fix, and resell properties. This is why hard money lenders in Colorado are so popular. They are able to lend money based on the borrower’s offered collateral, speeding up the process between application and capital acquisition.

In this post, we’ll be sharing how a home renovation loan works when you borrow with us.

Hard money home renovation loans

At TABS, we know that time is of the essence when securing investment properties to fix-and-flip. We’ve been working with property investors for over 30 years in some capacity. Short-term financing is difficult to find through traditional financing. The traditional financing process slows down your ability to invest more when the market is hot. If you’re a real estate or property investor in Colorado, give us a call today! We offer short-term renovation loans.

What is a fix-and-flip loan?

The fix-and-flip loan is also known as a home renovation loan. If you’re a real estate investor, then you search for worn down, distressed properties to purchase and rehab for a profit. At TABS, we understand that flipping houses is tough when working with traditional financing. We also know that, in most cases, those who are great at the fix-and-flip game will make a profit and pay back their loans with little trouble.

TABS offers loan to purchase loans

Do you need capital to purchase a property? TABS offers short-term hard money loans to help you secure your next investment property. A purchase property loan allows for the investor to buy a piece of property outright and begin renovating it as soon as the paperwork is finalized. This is essential in the fix-and-flip game. The sooner the investment property can be put back on the market, the sooner the investor can make a profit and pay their loans.

TABS offers construction loans

If you’re looking for more than a purchase loan, we can help! As real estate investors, you probably need capital for construction costs to renovate your investment properties. At TABS, we offer short-term construction loans to get your project completed and back on the market.

What to expect from a TABS renovation loan

TABS is licensed to loan money in Colorado only. Most of our operations take place in the Denver metro area, but we work with investors from all over the state. When investors find us, they submit an initial application so we can get to know them and determine if we can help them with a hard money loan. The initial application is a no-hassle, no obligation interaction.

Once the terms are agreed upon, the investor will then submit a full application and a $100 non-refundable fee to TABS.

After the full application is reviewed and confirmed as a viable lending situation, TABS will then send over a set of project details paperwork to the investor. The investor will fill these out and send them back in.

TABS will then review the paperwork and approve it, sending out the final closing documents for the hard money loan.

Finally, the investor will sign the closing documents and secure their investment capital.

Call TABS for your next hard money home renovation loan!

As a family owned and operated hard money lender in Colorado, we make it a priority to keep a finger on the pulse of the market. Capital is everything to a real estate investor, and we provide those interested with effective hard money loans to move projects forward. If you’re ready to start your application for a fix-and-flip loan, give us a call today!