1. Hard Money Loan Overview

    What is A Hard Money Loan? There’s often a bit of confusion surrounding hard money loans and what they can be used for. Tabs, LLC is Colorado’s premier hard money lender, and we want you to have all of the information you need to make a sound decision when applying for a hard money loan. Tabs, L…Read More

  2. What Should You DIY?

    As a Flipper who’s wise about how you choose to spend your hard money loan, it is beyond important to keep costs low. One way of doing that is to perform some work yourself. If you happen to have a career in construction, this is a no-brainer. But for many flippers, this might be your first experi…Read More

  3. Costly Mistakes in Fix and Flipping

    Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Investing in Fix and Flips in Colorado At some time or another, an investor can fall a prey to common and costly mistakes. The fix and flip business is an area where you will find a considerable amount of chances for such mistakes. When it comes to investing in a fix an…Read More

  4. Purchasing Real Estate in Colorado – The Basics

    Hi All! From time to time we get clients who have not bought real estate before or maybe it's been a while and they are unsure of what the general process was. We thought a video would help! It's very basic taking you through the steps, but if you have any questions, feel free to contact us about ou…Read More

  5. Invest Without Emotions

    When Investing in Real Estate, It is Not an Emotional Decision Such as When You Purchase your Home Where You Plan on Living It is always better to control the emotions when making the decisions related to investing in real estate. Obviously, rational thinking is better than the emotional thinking wh…Read More

  6. Real Estate Vs. The Stock Market

    Investing in real-estate Vs Stock Market When it comes to long term financial plans, investments play an integral role. Besides all the other areas of expenditure, investing in a prospective field is a great way of increasing the financial resources. Real-estate and stock market are among the mostly…Read More

  7. TABS – The Basics

    TABS, LLC - Hard Money Lender Colorado Video Transcript: Hi! I'm Alex Thomas with TABS. We are a Colorado Hard Money Lender. When you first get started in Real Estate Investing, you might not be familiar with our type of business. Did you know that you can get a mortgage loan from someone other than…Read More

  8. How to Manage Your New Business’ Finances

    Regardless the size, managing money correctly — whether capital or from a hard money loan —  is exceptionally important for any business. The key to survival in a volatile economy and heavy competition is the proper financial management. When it comes to small businesses, however, it needs a gr…Read More

  9. Getting Started

    New Year? Is It Time for You to Get Started in Real Estate Investing?  Starting your own business is a fulfillment of a long-cherished dream. Making your own decisions, being your own boss and earning more money are the prime expectations of any entrepreneur. Apart from that, anyone can experience …Read More

  10. 2016 In Review

    Wishing you and your family a blessed holiday season! Our borrowers have made 2016 a very exciting year with a wide variety of projects! We hope that 2017 brings ever more opportunity and prosperity to you and yours! MANY BLESSINGS TO YOU AND YOURS!…Read More